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The Man With No Name by Evelyn Davies and Peter Town

Mystery & adventure book written by Evelyn Davies & Peter Town 

Something interesting about the book: 

It’s easy to read and then you can answer some questions to find out if you have understood the story. 

My opinion about the story: 

The story is very entertaining: it is based on things that happen in ‘The Bermuda Triangle’. You never know what’s going to happen in the next chapter and the ending is open: the book has pictures so we can search for more information and the ending can change 

My recommendation:  

I recommend this book to people who like reading mystery and fiction books. 

By Patricia Vega Cuétara (A2 English student) 


The Call of the Wild by Jack London

This story is set in Yukon (Canada) and in Alaska, during the gold rush of the 1890s. The story takes place in a wild and hostile environment.

The Call of the wild is an adventure novel about Buck, a domestic dog, which is stolen from his home in California. He is then sold in Canada as a sled dog and he has to adapt to his new life: he becomes wild. It is a story of survival and the fight between civilization and nature.

What I learnt from this story isthat life in nature is hard and wild.

Alejandra, alumna de A2 inglés


Playing with Fire by Jennifer Basset


There are five stories in this book:  ‘The Glorious Pacific’, ‘Maggie’, ‘Progress’, ‘The Jacket’ and ‘My little Ghost’.

My favourite one is the story of Avusi, a young child who lives with his mother. He believes that his mother works in a house full of white ghosts until, one day, he realizes that not everyone has the same skin colour.

I found this book really enjoyable to read.

Carmen, alumna de B1.2 inglés


Voodoo Island by Michael Duckworth

In this book, Mr. Conway and Karen Jackson travel to Haiti. Mr. Conway wants to construct buildings and shops while Karen travels to work at a hospital and write a book about voodoo.

Kee, an islander from Haiti, finds out that a construction project will take place where his relatives are buried. He speaks to Mr. Conway, who makes a promise to him, but Kee later discovers that Mr. Conway lied to him. An angry Kee calls upon the spirits of the wind and rain, and a powerful curse falls upon Mr. Conway.

This story is very interesting and entertaining because it appears to be one thing but it turns out to be another.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery and suspense.

Arturo, alumno de A2 inglés


Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne

The narration is easy and entertaining. It’s about a young man and his uncle, Lidenbrock. They want to reach the centre of the Earth. During their trip, they will go through a lot of incredible adventures, with their extraordinary guide Alex.

This is a very imaginative narrative with many surprising moments.

It is very entertaining because there is not violence, it is easy to read and it is not boring. It was written many years ago and, today, the story is still interesting.

I recommend this book to people all ages: I am sixty and I had a good time reading it.

Luis Alberto, alumno de B1.2 inglés.


The Pearl by John Steinbeck


My favourite characters in this story are Kino and Ana; and my favourite part is when the author describes how Kino discovers the great pearl.

I really enjoyed this book because the style is sober, the rhythm is slow and the description is full of details. Details are important but the writer doesn’t mention anything unnecessarily.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes short stories about real life.

Blanca, alumna de B1.2, inglés.


The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde


The story is set in the 1880’s in Canterville Chase, a big old British house located in the countryside near London. The main character is Sir Simon, the horrible Canterville ghost.

A modern American family, the Otis, buy Canterville Chase with all its furniture, including a ghost. The family soon moves to their new English home and they don’t seem to be afraid or worried at all. The Otis children prepare a lot of tricks to scare the ghost: one night, a doll with a pumpkin head, similar to those seen on Halloween, appears causing Sir Simon, the true ghost, to run away in terror. In the end, Virginia, the teenage daughter decides to talk to Sir Simon in a friendly manner.

One thing I learned from this book is that, if there is understanding and sympathy, change is always possible.

It is a really funny book and it feels like Oscar Wilde could have written it today.

Luis de Luxán, alumno de A2 inglés.


Pursuite dans Paris




Cristina, alumna de A2 francés. 

Marée Noire


Raquel, alumna de francés A2


Magie aux Caraïbes

Celestino, alumno de A2 francés.


Rue des Boutiques Obscures

Justo, alumno del curso Actualización C1 de francés. 

La tour du monde en 80 jours

Pilar, alumna de francés A2. 

La gloire de mon père



































Leopoldo Sotillo, alumno del curso Actualización C1 de francés. 


The Creature

The Creature is a science-fiction short novel written by Alan Milson and illustrated by Paul Könye. The story is set in a starship, The Voyager, which visits a new planet, Aldebaran 4, at some time in the future.

The novel’s main character is a teenager, Kim Zen, at the age of fifteen. There are some secondary characters such as Tesa (Kim’s best friend), commander Zen (Kim’s mother), scientist Kov-Nuri (Kim’s father) and the captain of the Voyager, Tesjak. There are some other les important characters.

The plot focuses on The Voyager’s journey through a remote galaxy. Mankind has abandoned the Earth, because people have destroyed it, and how they live in Epsilon. But this planet is not big enough, and they need to explore new planets to survive. In this exploration, The Voyager arrives at Aldebaran 4 and an advance team goes looking for new forms of life. The capture a stange creature and take it to The Voyager. When the alien arrives at the spaceship, an unknown disease spreads around, and engines stop working. What is the strange illness? Can Kim find the answer? Will people on the trip try to study the creature or will they kill it? How can the crew go back to Epsilon safely?

Part science-fiction, part adventure story, this novel is action-packed. What I liked the most about this story is when Captain Tesjak explains why they cannot go back to Epsilon with a strange epidemic on board, based on an idea: ‘To scarify the few to protect the many.’

I think this book, which is easy to read, is appropriate for young people rather than adult readers.

Adela, alumna de inglés B2.2.

Esprits et Créatures du Japon

Carmen, alumna de B2.2, francés. Curso 22/23

New Zealand

Hi everyone!

The last book I have read is «New Zealand». The book is about the history, culture, sports, fauna and nature of this country.

In the book there are many legends of the Maori (natives of New Zealand).

For me, it is a good book to learn about New Zealand.

I hope you like it!

Alejandra, alumna A2 inglés, curso 22/23


The Office

Hi everyone,
I want to recommend the series that I like most.
It’s called “The Office”.  It’s a comedy that is based on the daily things that happen in an office. The episodes last about 20 minutes and I’m sure that you won’t be able to see only one.
I like it because is filmed in a very peculiar way, has a very different mood and has moments of silence that make you laugh very much.
I hope you like it!


A través de mi ventana

Hi everyone!

Last week I saw a really good movie, and I have decided to write this email to recommend it to you. The name is «A través de mi ventana» and is about a girl called Raquel and a boy called Ares.

They are neighbors and he is going to steal her wifi because he’s broke. Over the months they fall in love, and if you want to know the end you have to see it.

I like it so much because it is a common situation and it can happen to anyone, it lasts almost two hours but is very enjoyable.

And I’m sure that if you like romantic movies it will be become your favorite one.


Mi isla

Dear students of languages:

I’ve ended a book called «Mi isla» last week. I have to admit that it surprised me because I usually read books about psychology and education.

It’s a romantic novel about a girl who leaves her life in Madrid to live in an island in contact with the nature. 

It has all the things that usually happen in romantic stories but, Elisabeth Benavent writes in a coloquial way so she makes the reading very easy to follow until the end.